Bamboo Stylus Feel Carbon

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Bamboo Stylus feel carbon

The  Bamboo Stylus feel carbon reflects both using the most precise  technology  to capture your ideas and an uncompromising quality finish  of materials like  carbon fibre and metal. Its active technology works  with a special sensor built  into a growing range of mobile devices.  This combination of an active pen and  fine sensor technologies provides  the highest quality, most precise note-taking  and sketching  experience.
Designed to be properly balanced in your hand,  this  product gives you the precision that using your fingers on standard  touch  surfaces simply cannot provide.

 Facts & Features

  •  Provides the most precise note-taking and sketching experience using Wacom  feel technology  
  •  Designed and made with high quality materials like carbon fibre, metal  (Steel / aluminium) and zirconia with a superior finish  
  •  Authentic pen like shape and balance  
  •  Excellent ergonomics designed to fit the hand′s natural contours  
  •  Pen dimensions: 10.6 mm diameter; 140 mm length  
  •  Pen weight: 28 g  
  •  Exchangeable  pen tip: chose a firm tip or a soft-covered tip that makes  writing on a  glass screen feel like writing on a sheet of paper

Compatible with:

  •  ASUS ®  Eee Slate B121
  •  ASUS ®  VivoTab TM  
  •  Dell Latitude TM  10 (excluding Dell Latitude TM  10 essentials)
  •  ErenEben (E人E本) T6 
  •  Fujitsu LIFEBOOK ®  T732 
  •  Fujitsu LIFEBOOK ®  T902 
  •  Samsung ATIV smart PC
  •  Samsung Galaxy Note ®  I
  •  Samsung Galaxy Note ®  10.1