SmudgeGuard® with 1 finger (black)

Smudgeguard Black-S02
€14.99 / piece
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SmudgeGuard® — part of a creative person's everyday essential!

  1. Protects the area most prone to smudges and friction: the side of your hand and pinky.
  2. The main culprit for smudges and friction is sweat. By wearing SmudgeGuard®, it keeps sweaty hands away from the surface of your creative work.
  3. Your hand won't stick to tablets and/or paper anymore!
  4. Allows your hand to glide across the surface more easily.
  5. No more irritating friction from rubbing on the tablet all day.
  6. Keeps the surface of your expensive tablets cleaner! You won't have to wipe down your screen nearly as often!
  7. Reduces heat exposure to the side of your hand from over-heating tablets and laptops.
  8. Since the Wacom surface is extremely sensitive, sometimes sweat, grease, or your own skin oil will skew your desired strokes and lines. By wearing SmudgeGuard®, your strokes and lines will be more precise and smooth.
  9. Enhances the user experience of Wacom and tablet products. Makes the experience of drawing on a tablet a lot more enjoyable.
  10. Other fingers exposed for full sensation and dexterity. You'll still have control over the grip of the pen or pencil. It's also comfortable enough to wear while performing other tasks, such as typing on a keyboard or picking up a coffee mug.
  11. You don't have to make or cut-up your own gloves anymore. If you don't have the time or the desire to make your own glove, just get the pre-made glove - SmudgeGuard®! =)
  12. No more having to wear unattractive, loose, cut-up, home-made gloves. SmudgeGuard® was purposely designed to solve the smudging and friction problem! It is also sewn nicely to fit snug to your hand so it's comfortable enough to use everyday.
  13. SmudgeGuard® is made of nylon. Nylon is exceptionally strong, easy to wash, abrasion resistant, and long lasting.
  14. Reduces hooked style writing for some left-handers!
  15. No more scrubbing hard-to-remove ink or graphite off your hand. It keeps the side of your hand clean!
  16. Lefties will have better body posture. They don't have to twist their hand and body to a certain angle, to avoid smudges anymore.
  17. SmudgeGuard® makes life easier!