Ratings and reviews

Wacom encourages customers to post product ratings and reviews on our website. We work hard to ensure that our products meet the needs of our customers and hope that you find them valuable.

Throughout our website, we offer the chance for people to post their thoughts about specific products that they’ve used. To participate, we require you to use a Social Login, which means that you use a user name and password from your preferred social network, like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Linked-In. The benefit is that you don't need to remember a new set of site credentials, or fill out additional registration forms. We hope this makes it quick and easy for you to participate.

If you choose to leave a comment, you will need to authorize Wacom to use your Social Login on our website. Some information related to your profile and your connections will be passed along to Wacom, however it will be used only for login credentials. Profile data that is shared with Wacom through your social network will vary based on which social network you use. Your social network may also offer data from your contacts list, however, Wacom does not capture, store, or share any data from your contact list. Please refer to your social networks privacy policies for more information. Social Login on Wacom is provided by our services partner, Gigya.


Does Wacom screen reviews?

Yes. Wacom screens reviews to ensure they meet our posting guidelines.

Does Wacom post negative reviews?

As long as a review meets our guidelines, we will post it whether it’s positive or negative. We base our decision about posts on if our site visitors will find the information helpful and relevant. Please note that in the end, Wacom does maintain final decisions on posts.

Beyond posting them, what does Wacom do with negative reviews?

Wacom takes Customer Satisfaction seriously. Customer reviews are closely monitored for trends or experiences that point to developing issues with our products. We have an established process for elevating issues with our products; it is most helpful to us if performance-related problems are reported directly to Customer Support. 

How does Wacom ensure the quality of its reviews?

We have a team of moderators who examine reviews posted on our site. We also use automated tools that help flag questionable content. 

Why do some reviews get published quickly and some take longer?

The majority of reviews are posted within 24 hours of submission. If a review is flagged for a closer look by our moderators, it may take longer, especially during our busiest seasons. Reviews under investigation can take longer to process. 

Why might a review be flagged for a closer look?

Some reviews may include content that requires further review to ensure they meet our posting guidelines. Please see our “Guidelines for Posting a Successful Product Review” to ensure your review gets posted.

Guidelines for Posting a Successful Product Review

  • Please make sure that your submission is a Review, and not a Customer Support request or a question. Click here to submit a Technical question.
  • Please submit reviews for products that you have used personally.
  • Please share your genuine experience with the product, stating facts and keeping comments purposeful. Explain what made your experience a positive or negative one. 
  • Please feel free to comment on other reviews, but do not attack other reviewers.
  • DO NOT use profanity or dirty language; this is a sure way to ensure that your review is not posted.
  • DO NOT use accusatory or insulting language. This does nothing to provide value to others who may be interested in the product.
  • DO NOT make comments based on untrue or false information.